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greener earth, inc.

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hi, i am john pierson of greener earth, inc.

where we are actively using modern science to align nature with human environmental needs.

i have been in the landscaping and aesthetic property management business since 1986. i have been a licensed ornamental plant pesticide applicator for over 20 years. just to name a few of the businesses to which my companies have contracted--barnwell county, milliken, sara lee, bell south, sce&g, chem-nuclear trmc and the dawn center. after 21 years of observation, i decided it was time someone took a responsible approach to the use of chemistry for the home and business landscapes. i recognized a need for someone to form a service business that will serve home and business owners who need their properties to look good, or need outdoor pest and/or vegetation control. we intend to fill this void by launching a new service business, offering chem-care services for turf, tree & shrub management. we will focus on delivering a premium lawn care service to businesses and homeowners.

our mission
our mission is to build a relationship of trust and commitment to our customers, and our environment, through the effective and responsible use of fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. we will provide for the needs of our company, our employees, and ourselves by achieving our goals through the process of delivering positive benefits to our customers.

winning results for you!
we look forward to sharing our 20 years of experience while providing services for your homes and businesses. please look through our testimonials listed below, as our customers reveal the winning results we are producing.

  • our relationship with john pierson began over 30 years ago when he owned a landscaping and yard maintenance business. he showed a keen interest in making certain our plants were healthy. if we had a problem with a plant or our lawn he immediately researched the issue and took whatever corrective action was recommended. his continued dedication to serving his clients is evident today in his lawn chemical and vegetation control business. we highly recommend him.

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  • several years ago we began to have serious problems in our yard. we had a variety of st augustine grass that seemed to be impossible to keep alive. we had one disease and insect problem after another. we sprayed every chemical recommended, but still after exhausting most local resources, finally had to remove all of the sod and start over. when we began our planning to replace the grass we consulted with john pierson, who has been with us ever since. we replaced the sod with a different variety of st augustine and john has maintained our sod and shrubbery year round ever since. the grass is beautiful and we are finally disease and pest free!

    thanks for your help, john!

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  • approximately 30 years ago the tri-county commission on alcohol and drug abuse began utilizing john pierson for our lawn maintenance and landscaping needs. john is a professional who always provides outstanding service at a competitive price. his work is outstanding and if problems arise he is always there to resolve any problems to the customer's satisfaction. in short, john pierson's work is a cut above the competition and his commitment to his clients is unparalleled in today's world.

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