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how often do you mow?

bahia grass seed head
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bahia grass is the grass that puts up the black seed heads a few days after mowing. it is sometimes called road grass, wire grass and other words that are xx rated. it is very tough to mow and is very hard on mowing equipment.

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bahia grass is a good drought tolerant fast growing grass for a roadside slope or ditch bank where erosion control is needed. it is neither a good turf nor a pleasant looking grass for a lawn. its seed heads pollinate and the heavy clippings mold and produce black dust both of which become small enough particles to become airborne and are bad to breathe.

bahia grass

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mow mow mow, after three days pass during heat and high moisture the little seed heads will be waiving their two little fingers at you again.

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we have customers that claim that we have saved them 60% of their mowing cost by taking out their bahia grass.
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