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Weeds Weeds Weeds! The perverted weeds!

Defined: A weed is defined as a plant growing where it is not wanted. This could potentially include a vast number of plants depending on time, location or circumstance. In agricultural guides, weeds are generally classed according to their habits, e.g. annual, biennial or perennial, and/or their leaf shape e.g. grass or broadleaved. Weed control is easy with our service. We inspect your property and diagnose what grass variety is desired and then we formulate a plan to eliminate unwanted weeds, and sometimes grasses. Most lawns that have a weed problem will need several applications of herbicides to establish control, then a maintenance program to stop the new ones from sneaking in.

Where do they come from?
Unfortunately one weed can provide enough seed to cover the average lawn with unwanted vegetation. Car tires, pet fur, wind, etc are all ways weeds can send you their seed.

Generally there are two weed seasons.
The cool weather weeds germinate late summer to early fall. Many are triggered to come up when the soil temps start to cool when the days shorten and the weather cools. These weeds may be starting to come up in October but don't really become an eye sore till late Winter early Spring when they mature and seed.

Hot weather weeds start germinating just as the winter weeds peak, late Winter early Spring when the soil temps start to warm up and the days become longer.

What Herbicides will be applied for a Herbicide Program?

Pre-emergent herbicides can be applied Spring and Fall and will stop a lot of those unwanted plants from coming up. Pre-emergents are most effective if timed correctly and give much better results when done by a professional.

Post-emergent herbicides matched to the problem can be applied any time of year. These herbicides formulated for turf are selective, in that they target the unwanted grasses, and other weeds, while doing little or no damage to the variety of grass you have chosen for your lawn.
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